Online Live Classes

Multicamera, all the steps done from scratch, replay available even if you can't be there for the live session.

Recipes sent in advance.

Each class will demonstrate all the steps from scratch, in order to save time, I will prepare things in advance in order to cut the waiting time.

As always my teaching style is on the fun side, so I am really looking forward to virtually see you!

Replay available for all the classes

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Cuen Cuen Foo, Pastry chef

Thanks Chef Nicolas for the class. I made the chocolate flan today and it is so good and I thought I should share the good review.

The crust is good, crusty and flaky. Chocolate filling is creamy and rich. Really a good recipe.

Thank you so much

Magan Stephen, Pastry chef

Nicolas was extremely thorough and have an amazing personality perfect for teaching. I greatly enjoyed his jokes and how the class didn't feel stuffy or stagnant. He was very generous with the information he shares. It is very appreciated when he humbly admit he doesn't know everything and is interested in learning more himself. I also appreciated how he is conscious that the people watching are of different skill sets. I work in the industry professionally, not for a long time, but still, and he brought up some amazing points and tips that are very useful to me personally. 

Denise Jerez, Pastry chef

I had a training with Nicolas 4 years ago. The best chocolatier teacher!! He is attentive to all the detail and is an adorable person. I hope to have classes with him again.

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