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Chocolate Dragée Natural Shine Course is online!

As you know I love Paning!!!

The first video course I put about that wide topic is how to create a natural shine on dark chocolate, a process which requires time, technique and patience... but believe me you will be rewarded of your wait! Indeed that finish stays a lot of time this way, it is the best way to finish a dark chocolate product and there are no problem with the religion, nor the dietetary restriction.

In the course I explain you the key to achieve the same result!

I talk about the paning history, the engrossing process, the polishing process and of course how to obtain a natural shine, text, photo and of course video!

If you understand how to obtain this result, it really means that you have fully understood the tempering process of chocolate!

I added a live Q&A session to the class, it will be held on october 9th.

You can enroll in the class here

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