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Chocolate & Pastry


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I am pastry chef and chocolatier for more than 20 years with experience of teaching for more than 8 years. I do consulting worldwide, teaching in about 13-15 countries a year.


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Product Development

Achieve consistent results, development of products for artisan, pastry chefs, chocolatiers, restaurants...

Employee Training

Based on your needs with a different approach in order to get the most efficiency for the company

Menu Creation

I can develop the menu to fit your needs and your criteria. Savory, desserts and beverage menu.


I can help you to find the right equipment at the right price!

Educational Program Development

I have developed many types of programs and classes for both the enthusiast and professionals.

Concept and Business Development

The focus and goals of the business will dictate location, layout and design, equipment selection, the menu and training. 

Events & Demonstration

You can contact me for any gastronomic events or demonstrations to showcase your brand and or to promote a product

Formula Troubleshooting

You have a recipe that customers love but it needs improvement. I can develop the recipe and process to provide consistent results.