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Photography is my other passion, I took all the pictures you will see after a class or demonstration... 

For most of them made with LED light or speed light strobes... depending what I had that day! Camera used are Canon Eos 5D Mk III, Canon Eos 5D MK IV or Canon Eos M5.

kouign aman
Laminated dough, croissant and derivatives
mango milk chocolate finger.jpg
Cake designed for take away
Platted dessert
Gastronomic restaurant desserts
caramel transfert nicolas botomisy.jpg
Chocolate bonbon, Truffle and Bars
chocolate hazelnut marble cake.jpg
Travel Cake
Pound cake, cookies, cannelés, snacking which last at room temperature from 2 days to 2 weeks
Paning cutted.jpg
Chocolate snacking, grab and go
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