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A sum up of my journey in the gastronomic world

From my childhood in the South of France, I remember my grand-mother’s pastries, and specially her incredible «crème caramel» for which I still cherishes the memory.

I quite early became interested in cooking, liked to play with kitchen utensils, and since I lost my dad while I was still very young, I quickly started to prepare meals for my family.

At the age of 15, I prepared my first banquets for my family and friends.

Being a good student, I graduated with a scientific baccalaureat, but soon my interest for gastronomy became stronger and I decided to continue my studies in the gastronomy field and graduated with a BTS, as the promotion major in South-Western France.

My teachers were important advisors in my career choices, and thanks to their advices, I joined prestigious teams to start my career: the Relais de la Poste (2 Michelin stars) with Jean Cousteau to start with, then the Waterside Inn (3 Michelin stars) in UK with the chef Michel Roux, where I confirmed my high interest in pastry.

After graduating, I moved alone to Paris to join the teams of the Carré des Feuillants (2 Michelin stars) with the chef Alain Dutournier and soon became in charge of the pastry team.

Willing to deepen my knowledge in pastry, I then joined the prestigious team of the Georges V. A very big kitchen brigade, a perfectionist organization, incredible products! I learned to work on palace pastries, pure pastry; I stayed there for 7 years.

In 2011, I discovered the Japanese work life by joining the teams of the Valrhona school in Tokyo. Encountering with incredible people, deepening knowledge on chocolate, learning how to teach.

Valrhona school then offered me a pastry chef position in Brooklyn, where I moved and there through even deepened my opening to the world and all the richness it can offer.

For more than two years now, I travels the world participating in gastronomic events, giving demonstrations, teaching classes and helping companies to open and reinforcing their knowledge. Consulting for others makes me realize the variety of needs and it is always with enthusiasm and passion for pastry that I shares my knowledge and learn new ones.

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To know me better

Sharing my thoughts

For the one who knows me, I don't like to be called "Chef"... I often answer that my mum named me Nicolas, you should call me so...

 I love this job :

-Because it allows to share, we learn from each other all the time, no secrets or mystery, the pastry is in constant evolution and we all contribute to in our way at our own scale.

-For the passion which bring us together regardless of our nationality,  culture or  language, the love for good food and good ingredients is universal.

-For the possibility to travel and to discover some new cultures and to get impregnate and transform that emotion into a plate, a bonbon, an entremets...

-Eating is a daily act, if we can enjoy and appreciate... to contribute to it is my job.

-For the technical side and the importance of the gesture which takes time to masterize...and that we never master enough.... Even if I give a lot of importance to the technic which is the base of any constructions, I don't call myself a technician. I love to think that our job is overall based on the taste, the emotion and the act of sharing, the technic is just a way  to share all of that, not the final purpose. Like the alphabet and the words which are the structure of the phrase to express an idea. A perfect technic is nothing without a franc taste, balanced textures and a felt emotion at every spoons and vice versa.

-For the proximity that it gives, when I was working in restaurant or hotels, I always felt a frustration to not see the final reaction of the person eating the dessert and to have the feed-backs. The fact to now be able to share and debate around dessert with passionated people make everyone growing.

Other few details, I speak fluent English, and Japanese, with French as a mother tongue. I did about 200 events (classes, demonstrations, hands on training...) in either languages.

I am passionate with photography, mostly the portrait and the food photography because, like pastry, everything is just about emotions and point of view...helped by the technic.

To know me better
20200719_124451 - Denise Ailin Jerez.jpg

Denise Jerez, Chocolatier

I had a training with Nicolas 4 years ago. The best chocolatier teacher!! He is attentive to all the detail and is an adorable person. I hope to have classes with him again.

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Brett Roy, Chocolatier

I was fortunate enough to take a class with Nicolas in Tokyo and another in New York. He’s always been an inspiring, innovative, and knowledgeable craftsman. He’s always available to respond to inquiries and provide support to people dedicated to perusing their craft. Thank you Nicolas. I truly appreciate all that you do for our community.

_A6A3803 - Kim V.jpg

Kimberley Vy, Pastry Chef

Nicolas is one of the most passionate and talented instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. During classes Nicolas will teach you invaluable skills while inspiring your creativity. He is always professional and is able to foster meaningful relationships between classmates all while keeping things fun and exciting!

Here are some of the brands and company I worked with or I am working with.

We work together

We work together


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