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Do you love Caramel?


So do you if I judge by the high interest you have for that course!

The course will be released on October 11th with all the explanations, content, recipes, demonstrations, HD video and self paced course, you watch when you want, at your rhythm and you can ask questions through the comments!

In the course I will do 6 recipes, plain, fruitsss, chocolate.... and I will show you how to hand dip it, so of course explaining the chocolate tempering! by hand and using the seeding method with the magic temper.

To make you wait until the 11 th of october is a recipe of a caramel spread, little warning... that recipe is really addictive!!!


OHHH and until the 11th of october, the caramel class is still at the EARLYBIRD price, with the coupon code EARLYBIRD , only 50 coupons available, at the time I am writing those lines only 10 left!

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