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How to temper chocolate with the magic temper

A magic temper is a machine which keep cocoa butter in a stable shape. It will turn into a paste or cream. Then u ll be able to seed any masses containing cocoa butter. As cocoa butter is polymorph and always tend to the most stable phase the unstable cocoa butter crystals will turn into stables ( phase 5). So u can easily batch temper any chocolate by adding 1 % when the chocolate is at 30-32°C and more important ur ganache and praline. It will result in a smoother texture and much quicker to set. White chocolate ganache is about 1 h to set before cutting. Praliné can be tempered at 28°C so easier if u have one shot. Easier work, quicker and better results throughout the time...

I made a video to explain it, this is a part from a course I did about tempering chocolate by hand and by the seeding method using the magic temper...

To learn more about the courses where I explain the chocolate tempering

If you want more information about the magic temper or if you want to order one at the best conditions, feel free to send me an email

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